Generate random numbers using quantum physics. This generator utilizes Quantis QRNG Chip that exploits elementary quantum optic processes, fundamentally probabilistic to produce true randomness.

Random Generator

Do you need a random number? How about a bunch of completely random numbers? You could take out some dice and start rolling, or you could save some time and use our random generator. This free tool can churn out thousands of truly random numbers using the power of quantum mechanics.

What does true randomness mean?

You might think there are a lot of random things happening in daily life. Take, for example, rolling some dice. The numbers that appear face-up when rolling a pair of dice would appear to be fundamentally random.

However, dice rolls are not absolutely random. The way you throw them could subtly affect the outcome, and no single die is ever 100% perfect when it comes to dimensions and weight. After thousands of rolls, you will see patterns start to emerge.

True randomness in the quantum sense requires a total lack of causality. In the dice example, there would need to be a perfect thrower, a perfect and unchanging place for the dice to land, and completely flawless and perfectly weighted dice! Even a slight deviation for any of these things could have an effect, however small, on the outcome of the roll.

This is why, for something to be truly random, you need to use quantum physics.

How does this random generator use quantum physics?

Our random generator tool uses the power of the Quantis QRNG Chip. This chip analyzes the shot noise from a light source hitting an image sensor. This action is fundamentally random in a quantum sense, which allows the chip to issue truly random results to queries.

Our free online tool allows you to use the power of the Quantis QRNG Chip without needing to buy one (or even understand how it works). The result is the ability to create a string of truly random numbers for use in things like blockchain security, scientific simulations, financial tech, and even playing Dungeons & Dragons with your friends.

How to randomly generate numbers with this tool?

To start, you’ll need to tell the tool what kind of numbers you want and how many you need.

In the NUMBER TYPE section, select whether you want your numbers to be integers (1, 4, 18, 2,006, etc.) or fractional (12.1, 100.245, 1.23456, etc.). If you choose fractional, be sure to then use the FRACTION LENGTH section to choose how many fractional digits will appear at most.

Next, in the GENERATOR TYPE section, choose whether you want the Quantis QRNG Chip to create numbers within a certain range or of a certain length. If you choose RANGE, you’ll need to choose that range by using the FROM and TO fields. In the FROM field, enter the lowest possible number, and in the TO field, enter the highest possible number. If you choose LENGTH, you’ll need to choose the maximum integer length using the INTEGER LENGTH field.

Finally, you’ll use the QUANTITY field to select how many truly random numbers our tool will generate for you. Be aware that this is limited to 10,000 numbers. If you don’t want any of those numbers to be repeated, hit the NO REPEATS check box and our server will automatically purge any produced repeats.

With everything set to your liking, hit the GENERATE button and watch your numbers come in!

With all your numbers loaded, you can hit the DOWNLOAD .TXT button to get a text file with all your numbers listed. The COPY TO CLIPBOARD button will copy those numbers for pasting somewhere and the OPEN AS PLAIN TEXT button will open a new page with just the numbers.

Ready for a new batch? Hit the RESET button and start the process over again.